Super Apps: One App for everything!

Super Apps: One App for everything!

Super Apps: One App for everything!

By Adrián Savarese

What is a super app?

As the name suggests, a super app is all-in-one experience to access many different services. The users love simplicity, and they will be very loyal to an app that is easy to use, friction-free, functional and allows for a multifaceted experience.

Like Amazon, MercadoLibre, Facebook, and many more these everyday apps incorporate many functions and features, from social networking, eCommerce, to goods delivery and financial services.

Some advantages of a super app:

1.  A successful all-in-one super app strategy drives growth
2. Create more ways to engage with existing customers
3. Open new customer bases via partnerships
4. Attract large amounts of investment
5. Reduce re-acquisition cost by retaining user with other services

A Super App creates an ecosystem where the user’s time is monopolized and there is no need for them to use a variety of apps. The Super App model is rapidly growing in emerging markets such as India, South America, Southeast Asia and also in the United States.

The hardest part of building a super app?

Cross-device development and time to market
Create a unified user experience and user interface across all the services.
Cold and hot updates, with and without download a new version from the Apps Market.
Customer Segmentation
Create and manage AB Testing

At SimTLiX we have strong experience creating supper apps on native and cross-platform developments. Take a look into our Multiscreen Technology Group and learn more about how we might help you to escalate your apps and business.

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