Releasing app updates with Codepush

Releasing app updates with Codepush

Releasing app updates with Codepush

By Adrián Savarese

Codepush is a service that enables React Native developers to deploy mobile app updates directly to their users’ devices. It enables the developers’ team to send live code changes directly to your users, without waiting in line for App Store reviews and approvals.

It allows developers to…

  • Create live A/B testing scenarios
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Bugs and adjustments apps

Run Live A/B Test

With Codepush, it’s very easy to set up multiple deployments to send targeted updates to specific groups of users. Test a subject’s response against some variants – features, colors, layout, buttons, etc -, and determining which ones are more effective in terms of conversion.

Audience Segmentation

A powerful single app with different versions according to the user’s segmentation. For example, provide different apps experience according to market segmentation: demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral.

Bugs and adjustments apps

CodePush also offers a way to quickly push app updates when there’s a bug or an adjustment that needs to be made as soon as possible. Safely update your Ionic apps while staying compliant with Apple and Android requirements.

Our Multiscreen technology group is an operative unit focused on cross-device research and development. We invite you to visit our Multiscreen microsite to learn more about how our customers use Codepush in their mobile applications.