Chatbots, AI Agents and COVID-19

Chatbots, AI Agents and Covid-19

Chatbots, AI Agents and COVID-19

by Adrian Savarese

Things will be different after Coronavirus. Many businesses have used chatbots and voice virtual assistants to help and provide information to individuals, realizing the potential and the need for this technology.

Sectors from retail, healthcare, to banking all turned to chatbots and smart agents to help meet the needs of people and answer as many queries as possible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Many contact centers were closed and it was impossible, without this technology, to handle thousands of queries.

Many companies related to Contact Center services accelerated the adoption and development of this technology using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and created services very similar to a natural human-interaction.

Robots now will be the front end of questions and queries and, if they are not able to provide the right support, a human will take the control with all the information that the robot took in the first place. The story does not end here, during all the processes the chatbot and virtual agent are learning and taking statistics and improving second by second making the user experience better moment by moment.

This is not rocket science, just to mention one example in April Google published it’s Contact Center AI service. Here you have a video with an example of it.

Amazing, isn’t it? The future is closer than you think.

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